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We even have remotes for hundreds of discontinued models! We work directly with the manufacturers or their authorized distributors or vendors to find you the original remote for your product; the same remote that came in the box with your unit, or a fully compatible substitute.

All the remotes we sell come with batteries installed and a 1 year money-back guarantee against any defect, so you can shop with confidence. We also sell many refurbished versions of the original remotes which you can purchase at a discounted price with the same money-back guarantee. Almost all of our remotes are also sold with a custom-built replacement version which we've taken to calling the Redi Remote.

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Redi Remotes use a standard shell with a consistent design featuring 23 of the most common buttons on top, and 35 fully customized buttons below which allows us to program the specific and unique buttons from your original remote onto each product. Unlike a universal remote which required programming and may only work select features, the Redi Remote is tailored to your specific device, ensuring that every button works for your unit.

In the majority of cases, every button that was on your original remote will be found on your custom-built replacement Redi Remote as well. As with all of our products, the Redi Remote comes with batteries installed before shipping and a one year money-back guarantee as well. To see more about our Custom Redi Remote click here!

We install fresh batteries in every remote, making sure that you have a replacement remote that works right out of the box. Unsatisfied with your remote? We offer a one year money back guarantee that includes your shipping!

Fast shipping! We want you to get your remote quickly. Why Remotes. No Programming Our remotes work right out of the package Exact remote you need Fresh batteries installed in every remote Every remote is tested before it is shipped 1-year money back guarantee Hundreds of brands to search through here!

Factory Original Remotes Remotes. Custom Built Redi Remotes Almost all of our remotes are also sold with a custom-built replacement version which we've taken to calling the Redi Remote. Not seeing your product? Click here! Batteries Included We install fresh batteries in every remote, making sure that you have a replacement remote that works right out of the box. Money Back Guarantee Unsatisfied with your remote?

Fast Shipping Fast shipping!As with all Amazon hardware, the FCC filing is done using a shell company, but there are clear indicators that this is undoubtedly an Amazon device. A confidentiality request is keeping the most revealing documents offline, but the available documents tell us the new Fire TV Stick 2 will have dual-band Another interesting tidbit of information from the FCC documents is the use of a Bluetooth game controller during testing.

The FCC documents do not mention the model number of the game controller, which is usually an indication that it was provided with the device being tested. In contrast, Bluetooth headphones were also used to test the Fire TV Stick 2, but the model number of a Sony headset is listed. You da man Elias!

Amazon Fire TV Stick (LY73PR)

Always come through with this stuff, which is why I visit this site with OCD-like frequency. I have one 4k tv, and have a really hard time telling the difference between p and 4k.

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And from what I have read, many people do. Will it be worth the price of buying it with the computer I already have! The firestick uses a lot of mgbites data, the cable companies are going to start charging customers that go over on there limit,amazon has not commented on this problem yet.

IDK why 4k would be desired. Anyone with a 4k tv can invest in a slightly nicer box. Because there are already 2 iterations of the stick that have been produced already. It just got a software update that enabled some new features and shipped with a voice remote. So this would be the true 2nd gen Fire TV Stick.You are cordially invited to reminisce with your friends at Evertek about our 30 year journey to today.

Online ordering is enabled again! For will call orders please contact your sales representative. More information. This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information go to www. Evertek does not offer any type of price protection or stock rotation. We often drop prices suddenly and without notice. We diligently strive to provide as accurate information as possible. Both the product and manufacturer names are used only for the purpose of identification. Pictures are representational only. Packaging of actual unit may vary.

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Customer is also responsible for short payments resulting from fluctuations in currency conversions. Prior to shipment, Evertek will advise customer of modifications to orders that are necessary because of short payments received. International customers are responsible for determining their country duties, tariffs or taxes. For international shipments over kg we can provide prepaid freight quotes to major airports on a "door to airport" basis.Collapse All Expand All.

Fire TV device specifications for all models are provided here. The specifications provide more detail than the product pages on Amazon. The Fire TV device family includes the following types of devices. The TVs are usually from third-party manufacturers partnering with Amazon and are often country-specific. Refers to the cube form-factor of Fire TV devices, which offer far-field control with Alexa requests no need to push a mic button on the remote.

A blend of Fire TV and Echo. Refers to streaming media players that are shaped like a small stick that connects into an HDMI port with a stick form factor.

model no ly73pr

Lightweight, portable, powerful. This model was the original design and defined the category. Refers to Fire TV devices that are in the form of a soundbar. These soundbars connect to your existing smart TV and deliver a rich sound system as well. Many of the smart TVs are available only in certain marketplaces. Fire TV Cube has two generations:.

Each design line has different generations. Fire TV has 3 generations. The first two generations are shaped like a set-top box, while the third has a pendant shape that hangs down from the HDMI port. There is currently one soundbar:. Fire TV Edition. Fire TV Cube. Fire TV Stick. Fire TV.This guide will help you easily determine what you have.

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If your Fire TV is turned on, the recommended and easiest way to determine exactly which model you have is to install my Informer app. Once you launch the app, it will display all the information about your specific Fire TV. The 1st-gen Fire TV Stick is physically the smallest model.

On the side opposite the Amazon logo is a lot of text written in glossy black. If the tiny text is too hard to read, you can measure the longest side including the metal HDMI connector. The size alone is not unique to this model. The only way to definitively tell them apart is to power them on and check their settings.

Another way to tell them apart is by the remote that came with the device. If it came with a remote that has a power button, then it is the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stik, but if the remote does not have a power button, then it is the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick Lite.

Do note that the remotes can be interchanged between the two, so you must know which remote originally came with the device, not just which remote happens to be working with it. If your Fire TV is a large flat square, take a look at the ports on the back. Unique Characteristic: None. You must look for the model number on the bottom. If your Fire TV is a cube, the only way to physically determine if it is a 1st or 2nd generation model is to find the model number printed on the rubber bottom of the device.

If your Fire TV is a large rectangular box and it has a coaxial plug on the back, then it is a 1st-generation Fire TV Recast that was released on November 14, This is not a media player, like all of the other Fire TV models above. Element only made Fire TV Edition televisions for that one year. Westinghouse only made Fire TV Edition televisions for that one year. To determine which model year your TV is, look on the label on the back of the device for the model number.

Grundig only made Fire TV Edition televisions for that one year. Onida only made Fire TV Edition televisions for that one year. We do not have access to your apps because they are only on the Amazon app store. It would be cool if you gave us alt links to them. The Amazon launcher and gui is gone. It boots straight into AppLauncher 4. Three years ago today I blocked updates and they are still working perfectly! Kudos to Elias for the great tutorials.

All you need is an internet connection. Any suggestions have tried numerous times to connect with no suscces. It has nothing to do with Amazon or the Fire TV. If you want to watch hundreds of movies, tv series, and live channels, let me know: jgalvan yahoo.

Is there any benefit to me to swap them out for the FireTV 4K Stick latest gen or does what I have do the same things? I bought from Multiple Sellers. None Work. Bezos…if he Did this deliberately.

From the 2nd.The Firestick ecosystem has expanded quickly since its introduction. There are now five different Firesticks if you count the first-generation models which have been discontinued. Each model comes with a unique set of properties and the best way to find out is to know your model number.

Some third-party apps and Firestick jailbreaks might require the exact model number of your device. Attention All Video Streamers : Here's a few facts for you about the potential dangers of streaming online while unprotected:. The only way to protect your viewing and identity in the 3 above scenarios is by using a VPN.


By streaming content directly through your ISP, you potentially expose everything you view on the internet to both them, as well as those who's interest they might be protecting. A VPN protects that. Follow these 2 links and you'll be streaming securely in no time:. One of the easiest ways to locate the model number is on the firestick itself. It is a simple three-step process to get the exact number.

Here is how to do it:. Remove the Firestick from your TV. It should be turned off to avoid any potential problems when you plug it back in. The top side of the Firestick has the Amazon brand name and logo.

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The model number is a combination of letters and number which indicates the exact generation and type of your Firestick. To avoid having to unplug the Firestick from your TV late on, you may want to write down the model number as soon as you get it out of the box. Hey, you might as well take a picture of the underside where the model number is. Another way would be to take a look at the packaging. You know, the one that your Firestick is shipped in? It should have a model number listed on the label near the barcodes.

Amazon ships the Firestick with its packaging inside a brown box, the one with the arrow logo on the side. The invoice would also be in the box and should contain the Firestick model number. As mentioned at the start, there are five different Firestick models spread over three generations. The second-generation Firestick came out in and it is still available for purchase today. It is compatible with Alexa, so it supports voice-activated commands and menu browsing. This firestick has 4.

The 2nd-gen Firestick is capable of full HD videos and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound decoding for a home theater system of up to 7.This guide is for the model released in November This latest version comes with a voice-activated remote. If the fireTV stick still doesn't show up on the device when plugged in, make sure that the stick is fully powered using the provided USB adapter.

If the Amazon fireTV stick is still not working this may mean the motherboard is faulty and needs to be replaced.

model no ly73pr

Do this only as a last resort. The guide can be found by clicking on this link. This guide will go through access and the replacement of the stick motherboard. Click here. The best thing to start with will be to reboot and re-pair both devices. Power off the Amazon fireTV stick by unplugging it, and powering it back on. Be sure that the Amazon fireTV stick is fully charged, Then hold the home button for seconds to pair the remote again.

Replace the batteries in the remote.

How to Find the Firestick Model Number

Inspect the spring under the battery to ensure that the battery makes full contact with the metal. To access a guide to access the batteries and replacement procedures follow this link. If the remote buttons seem to be getting stuck or are not working properly, Replace the buttons on the remote.

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A guide is available by clicking on the following link. The TV stick may not be compatible with external speakers. Try switching your audio settings to default.

Why is there no answers about the power port? Where the power cable goes: the connection has come off?